at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Student Speaker Series Spring '

The Ragin' Leadership Student Series 

  • What is the Student Speaker Series?

It is a platform for our student leaders at UL and around the state, to give advice to the student body through presentations.

  • What is the purpose?

So many times we get speakers from outside the student body and turn out is low. Look around we have many students here and in our system that have done presentations on the very same topics and have won countless awards. Our goal is to expose our student’s to the voices of phenomenal students. This series will be something right that UL is doing and will allow us to boost this program publicly, who knows we might start launching the careers of some of these students.

  • What will the students gain from this series?

They will gain knowledge of building their own personal brand, conflict management, motivational techniques, and a whole bunch of other topics that also includes campus involvement.

September 11,2013

Moody 103 a

5:30pm-7:20 pm

5:30 pm-6:05 Welcome-Meet the Chapter/Organizations (IMA,UPC,Delta Sigma Pi)

6:05 pm-7:10 pm Student Speaker Presentation

Building Your Brand: Preparing to Distinguish Yourself, Conflict Management, and True Colors 

Presented by:

Nathaniel FaulkFormer Student Activities President for the University of New Orleans

Andre Hebert – Former Senate Chair for the University of Louisiana -Lafayette

-----------Assisted by Dean Heidi Lindsay & Ruben Henderson

Free food, gifts, and prizes will be given.

7:10  Office of Student Engagement and Leadership- Dean Lindsay 

Brought to you by: Delta Sigma Pi